Washer Repair Tips - Stinky Washer

Monroe MI Washer Repair Tech with Dave Smith Appliance Service Offers Solution to Stinky Washing Machine

The moist, dark interior of the washing machine is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew

Monroe, MI – Many people have asked the local washer repair technician for a solution to a stinky washer. Both top loading and front loading washing machines can have this problem. Dave Smith, owner of Dave Smith Appliance Service explains that the moist, dark interior of the washer can be a breeding ground where mold and mildew thrive. Damp basements and humid weather contribute to the problem of smelly washers.

The washer repair man says that most of the molds that grow in the washer are harmless, they do give off a bad odor. Dirt from clothes, fabric softener and detergent are the main source of mold in the washer. Using only cold water is a favorite energy saving tip but it can add to the problem. Some detergents work poorly in cold water and dirt becomes trapped in the washer. The solution is to use hot water occasionally to prevent build-up.

Another suggestion from the local washing machine service man is to limit the use of fabric softeners, especially liquid softeners which contain a fatty substance derived from animal fats. It makes a slimy, greasy mold from in the dispenser. Fabric softener sheets and dryer balls are a better option. Always refer to the service manual for the best products to use.

Washer repair technicians with Dave Smith Appliance Service (http://www.davesmithappliance.com) warn owners about using too much detergent or the wrong detergent for their washer. Excess detergent is a primary source of nourishment for mold and mildew. Also, it is critical to use soap with the “he” logo for “high efficiency” front loading washing machines.

One of the best ways to prevent the smell is to leave the washer open to allow it to air out and dry. The washer repair man suggests using a commercial washing machine cleaner once a month for good maintenance.

According to the washer repair tech with Dave Smith Appliance Repair, a smelly washer could be caused by poor draining. Dave Smith is the neighborhood appliance repair man most recommended for quality service and affordable solutions to appliance problems. His service technicians are licensed and qualified to fix most makes and models of home appliances. Visit http://www.applianceservicemonroemi.com/ to learn more.

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