Glass Ceramic Range Repair

Monroe Range Repair Man with Dave Smith Appliance Repair Provides Tips for Cooking on Glass Ceramic Range Tops

Often referred to as either glass or ceramic, they are actually a blend of both, for a fascinating and attractive cook top option


Monroe MI – The local range repair man takes great pride in knowing the latest technology in home appliances. The glass-ceramic range has become popular for its attractive looks and easy maintenance. While different manufacturers refer to these fascinating cook tops as either glass or ceramic, they are actually a blend of both. With the expandability of glass and the impermeability of glass, they are much easier to keep clean than traditional stove tops.

Dave Smith Appliance Repair technicians are often asked for advice about appliance maintenance, repair and troubleshooting. The range repair man is often called to address problems with a glass-ceramic range top. According to the expert, some cooking problems are actually caused by the cookware. This type of range top is sensitive to misshapen cookware because it is designed to transfer heat only by conducting it from the flat surface to the cookware. Warped or dented pans do not work well with a glass-ceramic range.

The range repair man suggests using high-quality, stainless steel, flat bottom cookware that is resistant to warping. Cast iron is also a good option, but use with care as the rough bottom can scratch the surface of the glass-ceramic top. He advises owners to test their cookware by setting a straight edge on the bottom. If it rocks or light shines through, then the pan is warped and should be replaced. When boiling water, bubbles should form uniformly across the bottom.

Dave Smith Appliance Repair ( technicians enjoy building positive relationships with customers and providing appliance maintenance and care tips. The range repair man is qualified to handle most oven and range problems and he is familiar with all the newest features.

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