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Monroe Dishwasher Repair Man Addresses Problem Caused by Wrong Detergent

Over sudsing dishwasher caused by using the wrong type of detergent, not malfunction


Monroe MI – The local dishwasher repair man addresses common problems with home appliances and provides tips and solutions. One problem he often encounters is overflowing or over sudsing dishwashers. The problem is usually caused by using the wrong type of detergent.

A common mistake made by owners is using dish soap designed for hand washing dishes. According to dishwasher repair experts, these cleaners lack the defoaming agent needed to prevent excessive suds from forming, so the expanding bubbles inside cause water to ooze out the door and make a mess. If one is using the correct detergent and has the same problem then perhaps they have pre-washed their dishes with a sponge soaked in the wrong detergent.

Many people panic and call the dishwasher repair man when the unit overflows onto the kitchen floor. The harder they try to clean out the dishwasher, the more it floods as bubbles expand and force their way out. The solution is to turn off the machine, remove the dishes, rinse them off and clean up the mess.

The next step is to clean out the dishwasher to remove foaming hand or dish soap. Simply running the dishwasher is not an effective way to clean it out. Start by putting cooking oil into the bottom and run it, making sure the soap dispenser is open. Most of the bubbles should disappear immediately as the oil neutralizes the soap. Next, run the again with distilled vinegar. Repeat the process until all the hand or dish soap is removed.

These tips from the local dishwasher repair man should take care of the problem of over sudsing. If the dishwasher continues to leak or overflow then there are a number of things that could be wrong including the drain hose, pump, electronics or other parts. Dave Smith Appliance Repair ( technicians have a certified department that specializes in dishwasher repair and other household appliances.

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