Service Tech with Dave Smith Appliance Repair in Monroe Suggests a Solution for Hard Water Problems

Many homeowners are unaware of the wide range of problems caused by hard water from spotty glassware and rust stains to appliance damage


Monroe MI – Dave Smith, local appliance service technician has noticed a number of people who are unaware of the problems caused by hard water. Though many understand that hard water can leave glassware spotty and cause rust stains on sinks and tubs, they do not realize the damage it can cause to plumbing and appliances.

Minerals in hard water can build up and reduce the efficiency and performance of washing machines and dishwashers as moving parts become corroded. Hard water also reduces the efficiency of detergents and causes glass ware to come out foggy or spotted.

Technicians with Dave Smith Appliance Service say the solution to the problem is having a water softener installed. Water softeners help appliances last longer by reducing calcium build up and rust which clog the working parts. This helps prevent appliance problems and extend longevity.

Owners of water softeners notice more efficient cleaning power and energy savings with appliances working more efficiently. The shorter, energy efficient cycles work better with more sudsing action allowed by softened, conditioned water.

Another benefit of having a water softener installed is clothes will last longer and wear more comfortably. Hard water minerals can build up on clothing and make them dingy and scratchy. Soft water is better for plumbing, appliances, clothing and dishes. Visit the Monroe Appliance Repair website ( for more tips on appliance care and maintenance and resources for finding a dependable appliance repair technician to service all home appliances.

Dave Smith, owner of Dave Smith Appliance Service, updates his website often to provide tips to help residents keep their appliances working efficiently. The site contains a wealth of information including appliance maintenance and tips that apply to most makes and models.

Dave’s company takes pride in providing quality customer service from start to finish. They are always reliable, professional and they arrive on time. They schedule 2-3 hour time windows and the technician calls the customer when he is on the way. Dave Smith Appliance Service exceeds customer satisfaction and offers an outstanding warranty, including a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship. Visit to learn more.

About Dave Smith Appliance Service LLC:
Dave Smith began working in the appliance industry while still in High School in 1979. Dave began his own appliance repair service in 1983 and operated on his own for many years. Dave Smith Appliance Service is now a family operated business with several service vehicles and a full time office staff. Dave’s and his technicians are MCAP certified and Dave is a Certified Service Manager as well. Few companies have this level of accreditation. Dave Smith is a member of the Professional Servicers Association, United Servicers Association and the Better Business Bureau as an accredited member with an A+ rating.